Micah & Delana Wood

Senior Leadership Team

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Connect with Delana

Micah and Delana Wood serve on the leadership team at the Ramp. They have both been an active part of the ministry for well over a decade, Micah since 2003 and Delana since 2004.

Not only have their lives been changed through the ministry of the Ramp, but also their family began there. The Ramp is where they met, fell in love, got married, and now have four kids: Jack, Ezra, Evie, and Jonas. Neither Micah nor Delana remember their actual first date because their relationship developed on buses while traveling with Karen Wheaton and Chosen. Their relationship began to bud by strategically sitting near each other. Conversations about C.S. Lewis formed a deep friendship, and from there, their relationship grew.

Along with leading beside their friends, Micah is also a featured speaker at the Ramp, and Delana is a featured worship leader. They have a passion for the individual expressions of God’s purposes as well as the unified expression of ministry through marriage and family. Home is sanctuary, and the place in which God speaks most clearly.