Mission Statement:
The Ramp exists to awaken a generation, so they can live fully activated in their God given purpose influencing their world for His kingdom.
Vision Statement:
A global company of awakened hearts passionately pursuing God’s presence to establish His kingdom on the earth.
Rallying Cry:
Awakening begins with an encounter.

Presence + Purpose
The presence of God is real and tangible, made available for us to experience daily. It’s manifested glory— encountering the power and personhood of Jesus. Purpose is the knowledge of what God created an individual to do, reflected in a lifestyle driven by that personal mission.

An encounter is so much more than just an event. It’s a paradigm shift with the knowledge of the reality of God that bring tangible expression and personal life change.

We believe in creating places and spaces primed with an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit has full reign without restrictions or limitations. This environment breaks restrictions and inhibitions, which allows people to express themselves freely in worship and prayer.

Purity of Heart
The inward posture of an individual’s heart hosts the ability for the Holy Spirit to dwell within them. Saved by grace and redeemed, the personal agendas and ambitions become aligned to kingdom purposes. The driving desire is to bring glory to God and fulfill His calling.

Individual Purpose 
People were created with eternity within them, to live with intention and expectation. As hearts and spirits come close to hear God’s leading, the by product is a vibrant, attuned life, inspired by the purpose and call of God for their lives.

Shared Vision
We believe the mandate for the body of Christ is to preach the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. This happens when every believer connects and supports the Kingdom mission through their individual purpose.

Growing in Truth
Each season of our lives is a continued journey of discovering more of God. We value revelation and application, when combined they unfold an understanding that reveals greater truth.

Lives that can be Followed
We believe individuals can live in such a way that every area of their lives point to Jesus, shining a light for other to follow without reservation.