Bradley & Sonja Stewart

Senior Leadership Team

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After an encounter with God at a Road Ramp conference, Bradley moved to Hamilton to be a part of the Ramp in 2004. Since making Hamilton his home, Bradley has served the ministry in multiple capacities.  At present, He serves as the Creative Team Director, overseeing all live production events and conferences as well as multiple media, worship, and video projects. He also works with the media students of RSM, providing them with hands on opportunities and experience within the Ramp Media Department. In his spare time, Bradley enjoys spending time outdoors, kayaking, gardening, or hunting.

Sonja moved to Hamilton, AL on a word from God in 2003, after graduating from Master’s Commission in Decatur, AL.  Shortly after moving, she joined Chosen and has continued to serve the Ramp in multiple ways through the years. Sonja is a mother, communicator, and writer with a passion to see those that feel like they don’t measure up find their unique voice and release their sound with confidence. When she has a free minute to herself, you will find Sonja in the sunroom of her house curled up with the latest Magnolia Journal magazine and a good cup of coffee.

Bradley and Sonja reside in Hamilton AL with their three children, Zachariah, Benjamin, and Zoe, golden retriever, Lucy, and crazy cat, Echo. They are a family of introverts that really love people and hosting people in their home.