Since 1998...

...over 250,000 people have come to the Ramp, encountered God and left the Ramp as carriers of awakening, impacting the people around them, which has begun to transform cities, states and even nations.

They’re the picture of Awaken 360.

360 is a number that represents completion and the full circle of awakening. Every day we have opportunities to reach more people through our television broadcast program, live stream, conferences, two locations in the US and one in the UK. But, we need a place to begin. That’s where you come in! Awaken 360 partners commit to pray and give at least $30 a month, which is $360 a year. For $30 a month we can see people delivered, set free and brought out of darkness. For $30 a month we can reach people in dozens of nations and across America. Become an Awaken 360 partner and see the full circle of awakening fulfilled across the earth. *To receive partner benefits, we request a minimum donation of $10 per month.*

Partner Benefits

To express how much we value and appreciate your partnership and prayers you will receive:

  • An exclusive newsletter with a personal word from Mrs. Karen, special updates, testimonies and more.
  • Discounts on conferences, bookstore products and more.
  • Special ministry communications including partner calls, text, email and more.