Men’s Ramp is more than a conference. It is an opportunity for men pull away from the culture of this world and be baptized in the culture of the Kingdom of God. It’s time for young men to see visions and old men to dream dreams. As Malachi prophesied, it is time for the hearts of the sons to turn to their fathers, and the fathers to their sons.

Men’s Ramp is a place for every man's heart, from every walk of life, to be strengthened and prepared for the battles ahead. It’s a place where the weary can find rest and sons can find true identity. It’s a place of awakening to communion with God and authority from God.

Check out this recap form last years Men's Ramp

  • Thursday

    3 PM – Check-In Opens
    7 PM – Session 1

  • Friday

    9 AM – Doors Open
    10 AM – Session 2
    2 PM – Session 3
    7 PM – Session 4

  • Saturday

    9 AM – Doors Open
    10 AM – Session 5