Josh & Betsy Hollingsworth

Senior Leadership Team

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Josh and Betsy Hollingsworth have served on the Ramp’s Leadership Team since 2016.

Josh serves as the Department Chair of Missions at the Ramp School of Ministry and Pastor of College and Career at Ramp Church. He also has a personal ministry called EyestoSee, and is currently working on his M. Div at Regent University. Josh's heart beat is to usher in the great Harvest of God with his prophetic touch attached to it then making sure those persons become strong stable empowered sons and daughters.   His message is to welcome all peoples into the great heart of the Father, and experience God for yourself.  He teaches you can get as close to God as you want, and walk with Him as a true friend of the King.  Josh spends a lot of time in many nations and cities releasing that awakening love and power of Jesus.

They live in Hamilton, AL with their two daughters Isabel and Rose.