It all started with an 8 year old girl saying YES...

After 20 years of ministry, traveling and singing with some of the greatest ministers of the day, Karen Wheaton moved back to her hometown of Hamilton, Alabama and started the Ramp in 1998. The Ramp has become a place of encounter for thousands of people, young and old, to be filled by the presence of God and sent back out to change their world.

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Karen Wheaton is a seasoned Christian minister whose music and message has provoked people to pursue God in passionate worship for many years. At 18 years old, she moved from her hometown of Hamilton, Alabama to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend a school of ministry. She traveled with the Spurrlows, Festival of Praise, and appeared on the PTL Club with Jim Bakker. By 1980 she launched her solo ministry, traveling with her own band and back-up singers, singing and preaching the gospel across the nation. Throughout the ‘80’s and 90’s Karen had the privilege of serving alongside some of the great ministers of the day.

 In 1998 the emphasis of her ministry took a surprising turn as God called her to move from Chattanooga, Tennessee back to Hamilton, Alabama and to begin working with the youth of the community. The group of about 8 young people she began reaching out to quickly grew as the God opened doors and answered their prayers. The Ramp was born in that place of prayer and encounter in the presence of God.

Today, Karen continues to travel and minister, but her efforts are primarily focused at the Ramp, where hundreds gather every month to be transformed by the presence of God and equipped to fulfill His purpose for their lives.

The Ramp is a ministry dedicated to awakening a generation. As people encounter the presence of the real God, they discover His purpose and plan for each one of them. Through events, Ramp Church, Ramp School of Ministry, travel events, and media, the Ramp engages thousands of people each month with the transforming power of the gospel. Those people are then sent to see transformation in the lives of others.

The Ramp has expanded to Chattanooga, TN with a Ramp church location as well as a base in Manchester, England that stands with the same mission and vision to see a generation awakened within the U.K.

The mission of the Ramp is to awaken a generation, so they can live fully activated in their God given purpose, influencing their world for His kingdom. We believe we will see a global company of awakened hearts, passionately pursuing God’s presence to establish His kingdom on the earth.