Tyler & Molly Brown

Senior Leadership Team

Tyler and Molly Brown have served on the Ramp’s Leadership Team since 2017.

Tyler is the Academic Coordinator of and an instructor at the Ramp School of Ministry. He is currently completing the Master of Divinity degree at Regent University, and he holds a B.A. in Christian Ministry from Regent University. Tyler is passionate about helping the Church see the glory of Jesus in the Scriptures. He enjoys a good book, sports, politics, and the beautiful outdoors. It is rare to find him without a cup of coffee in hand.

Molly is majoring in English with a concentration and minor in Biblical Studies at Regent University. She is passionate about equipping the Church to know the Lord through teaching and discipleship. She enjoys cooking healthy food with an audiobook in the background, a good movie, sports, and nature, including her fluffy cat, Shadowfax.

Tyler and Molly live in Hamilton. In addition to being married since 2013, they are best friends and do pretty much everything together.