Samuel & Lauren Bentley

Senior Leadership Team

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Samuel and Lauren Bentley have served on the Ramp’s Leadership Team since its formation in 2011.

Samuel is the Director of the Ramp School of Ministry and the co-author of the book, Simple Devotion.He is a noted speaker in Ramp Events and Ramp Church. Samuel completed his Master’s of Business Administration from Regent University in 2015. It is his passion to influence others in wisdom, wealth, and discipleship and to express the generous nature of Jesus Christ. Samuel enjoys reading books about business and self-improvement. He also enjoys experiencing different cultures through travel and has a special love for the nation of Israel. There is always a great smelling candle burning in Samuel’s office.

Lauren is Mrs. Karen’s oldest daughter and the Director of Events for the Ramp. She completed her Bachelor's of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of North Alabama in 2016. She is an instructor in the Ramp School of Ministry and the creator of Reinvent, a curriculum for young women to overcome fear and insignificance to live boldly. Her book, Reinvent, is being released in the near future. Lauren loves to fill her time reading, writing, studying health and self-improvement, and running with her golden retriever, Maggie. She also keeps a secret stash of dark chocolate in her desk drawer.

Samuel and Lauren live in Hamilton with their four children, Lydia, William, Caroline, and Jonathan. They love Alabama football and spend a little too much time watching Shark Tank.