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RSM Tribes is an elective program that equips you to use your gifts and talents for the kingdom of God. Just as Israel was one nation with twelve tribes, RSM students are one body with one mission that is expressed in many different, unique ways. We value each gift and give you permission to use your authenticity to further the mission of awakening. As your abilities sharpen, you will develop into a weapon God can use to accomplish His will in the earth. We believe that the fuel for expanding this mission is locked up inside your raw potential. We intend to go deep with you until that potential is unleashed.


an opportunity to learn first-hand from Chosen's creative team how to develop, choreograph, teach, and perform dances, as well as discuss the Biblical perspective of dance as ministry and worship

an elective designed to build worship leaders and musicians that have a Biblical foundation of both worship and character coupled with excellence and the practical skills needed to lead in a corporate setting

a program driven by not only the classroom, but also workshops and live events where students learn about the various aspects of media production in the ministry, including video, audio, lighting, and more

a creative environment where students develop into effective writers by learning the basics of writing well and then progressing to more advanced creative works that range from concise technical blurbs to imaginative narratives and plays

an atmosphere that develops students' abilities by teaching the technique and philosophy of compelling acting and by giving them opportunities in both short film and stage performance

a practical approach to preaching the gospel where students team up to serve Hamilton and its surrounding communities, demonstrating the good new of Jesus both through their testimonies and acts of compassion



a hands-on lab where the Ramp's speakers teach the practical side of pulpit ministry and give students an opportunity to put into practice their gifts and talents of communicating the word of God

a course that gives students the ability to explore general business and entrepeneurial practices, causing them to elevate their skills, attitude, and commitment necessary to implement strategic and successful business plans

a missions base whose goal is to rigorously prepare students for the mission field in order to demonstrate the love, life, and story of Christ, bringing each person into the incomparable life of the cross through faith in Jesus

For a more in-depth view of RSM Tribes, watch as RSM Associate Director Micah Wood delivers a keynote announcing the launch at RSM college days 2012.

Is there a limit on how many Tribes a student can participate in?

No. Students may participate in as many tribes as they like, as long as there are no schedule conflicts.

Is there any extra fee attached to Tribes?

No. Tribes does not require extra fees to sign up; however, there may occasionally be extra expenses, such as purchasing t-shirt or attending a field trip.

How much time per week will be devoted to Tribes compared to regular bible classes?

The amount of time students devote to Tribes depends upon the level of participation from each individual student. A student involved in only one tribe versus a student involved in several tribes will have quite a different schedule.

Are some tribes more involved than others?

Yes. Each tribe has its own syllabus and different level of requirements. For example, some tribes meet weekly while others meet biweekly.

Can involvement in multiple tribes substitute required service hours?

Yes. Service hours are adjusted for students, depending on the level of their participation in Tribes.

Are students required to participate in Tribes?

No. Students are not required to participate in Tribes.

Who are the instructors/leaders for each tribe?

Tribes leaders come from the RSM and Ramp leadership team. Each tribe has a primary leader and supporting leaders.

Dance Tribe: Lindsey Doss, Chosen Dance Choreographer
Worship Tribe: Tyler England, Music Director
Media Tribe: Bradley Stewart, Media Director
Writing Tribe: Micah Wood, RSM Associate Director
Theater Tribe: Micah Wood, RSM Associate Director
Evangelism Tribe: Brian Beasley, Student Pastor
Preaching Tribe: Casey Doss, RSM Senior Director
Business Tribe: Clint Surratt, Financial Director
Missions Tribe: Jason Adair, RSM Instructor