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Travis Binish, Class of 2012

As an RSM student, I have been stretched so much! When I made the decision to move to Hamilton, I knew that I was moving away from family and friends for a year of focused growth. I couldn't have anticipated what the Lord had in store. Through the first semester I was able to strengthen foundational aspects of my life and address false mindsets. The second semester has continued to grow me into the man God desires me to become. Every class at RSM has been a challenge in the best of ways. Without being stretched so much, I know I wouldn’t have my current outlook on the future. I am extremely grateful to learn from such amazing men and women. Outside of the classroom I am glad to serve by loving the people of Hamilton. Serving at the Storehouse has been a large focus of my time this year. An amazing aspect of life in Hamilton is the way I’m able to apply what I learn in the classroom every day. After learning about faith in the morning I’ve been able to turn around and minister to the community more effectively. After learning about healing I've been able to build people's faith for healing. Through this time I’ve also realized how everything I am learning today is preparing me for my future. God has been revealing many facets of my calling as I serve. Regardless of what the specific day holds, every day at RSM is full of opportunity for acceleration.

Valerie Benak, Class of 2012

When I first arrived at the Ramp School of Ministry, I thought I knew what a relationship with God should look like. I soon learned that I had no idea. Throughout the next few months, God began drawing me into a deeper relationship with Him. Though I was making great strides, I still didn’t know how to go as deep as I wanted to go. I felt so frustrated with myself. I began to feel condemned by this lack of knowledge. It wasn’t until the second semester of RSM that God began to reveal to me the simplicity of a relationship with Him. During this semester, Micah Wood began teaching Simple Devotion. This class could not have come at a better time. In this class, Micah taught on the simplicity of being devoted to God. He taught us that devotion to God was simply spending time in His presence on a daily basis. This class answered so many questions for me. Simple Devotion gave me practical steps on how to have a burning relationship with the Lord. The impact that this class has had on my relationship with God is priceless.

Lindsay Martin, Class of 2012

Before attending the Ramp School of Ministry, my life was aimless. I was a complacent Christian. I knew I had a call on my life, but every time I thought about that call I would tell myself that there was no way I could do something like that. I lived my life comparing myself to everyone around me. From that comparison, I began to disqualify myself from the call of God on my life. I simply didn’t think I was anointed enough to do it. During my first semester at RSM, I realized how much I compared myself to everyone else. I began to get so tired of comparing myself to others. There came a point where I was angry at myself for deciding that I could not do what God had called me to do. One day after class I had enough of this. I remember praying in my bedroom, asking God to change the way I think of myself. Since that prayer, my mindset has drastically changed on who I am as a person, and who I am to God. He would not call me to do something that He knew I couldn’t do, and this is what I was not seeing the entire time. Today, I look at the call on my life and know that I will succeed in everything He has called me to do, because He is the one who called me to do it.


Jordan Hughes, Class of 2011

When I first went to the Ramp School of Ministry I really didn't know what to expect. I just knew it was going to change my life. I remember saying in my first interview that I wanted to mature in my leadership. During the first few months, I quickly realized I didn't know anything about leadership! There was so much that I needed to know and learn! I submitted myself and began to act upon what I was being taught because I wanted to grow. I found as I submitted myself to the Word and to the leadership there, that God honored it and matured me in many ways. I graduated with a greater understanding of leadership, the Word, and a passion to share the gospel. I am now the youth pastor at my home church, Word of Life in Appling, GA and the Lord has been doing mighty things! I have taken what I have learned and applied it to my everyday life in teaching and ministering the word to the youth. God has taken me to places I never thought I could go and I have seen the fruit of what I learned at RSM. The youth are being awakened to that passion they had long forgotten about. Many have recommitted their lives to the Lord and are burning for Him everyday. It's incredible what God is doing!