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Letter from the Dean

Dear Parents & Pastors,

We are truly honored that you would consider allowing your students to develop for their purpose by attending the Ramp School of Ministry. We understand they are positioned at a crucial stage in life and that a deep consecration coupled with radical focus are paramount for their futures.

God never builds a ministry without building the person first. We believe He has specifically anointed us with a spirit of awakening to draw the potential out of emerging leaders and push them into dimensions of passionate devotion, purity, and integrity that is essential for their destinies. Our philosophy of growth is simple: place a great demand on every aspect of their lives. From Bible classes and scripture memorization, to cleaning their bedrooms and ironing their clothes, our desire is to forge the raw material of each student into the sharpest, most effective weapon they can be for the kingdom of God.

As their parents or pastors, you play a key role in how we gauge our success. The fruitfulness of the school is measured by the change you see in them. More than anyone else, you get to witness the before and after picture. We have no greater joy than hearing the astonishment of parents and pastors when they see the dramatic growth that happens in just ten months. We covenant with you to challenge your students on every level, identify and develop the gifts that are in them, and build a solid foundation of fiery consecration that will mark them for the rest of their lives. There is gold to be mined out of your students, and it is our mission to liberate it.

For the Kingdom's sake,
Casey Doss
Ramp School of Ministry Senior Director