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Financial aid is now available to students of the Ramp School of Ministry through World Finance. World Finance is a company that has the potential of lending a personal loan of up to $3,500.00 to cover the needs of a student while attending RSM. World Finance operates in 12 states. The requirements for students to apply for a personal loan at the Hamilton, AL branch are as follows:

- The student must obtain an Alabama state I.D. (available at State Trooper’s office)
- The student must have an Alabama physical address.
- The student must provide proof of employment in this region.

World Finance operates in 12 different states (Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, & Texas).

If the student has a World Finance in their area, he/she and his/her parents can contact their local branch to apply for a personal loan.

World Finance

For more information, or to begin the process of applying at the Hamilton branch, please contact Clint Surratt at our financial aid office: 205-921-0909.

Call financial aid office for other possible options. (205-921-0909)