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Core Curriculum

RSM's core curriculum introduces students to the lifestyle of presence and purpose.It instills the habits of a healthy walk with God by focusing on principles of discipleship and holiness.It also identifies gifts, shapes potential, and forms leadership in order to position students to seize their destinies. RSM's core curriculum is foundational and vital to each believer who is called to make a real impact in today's world. Every student who attends RSM will take our core classes. They include:

Simple Devotion
Divine Realities
Foundations of Prayer
Foundations of Leadership
Pistology (Faith)
Grace & Truth
Financial Planning

Culture of Honor
Next Generation Leader
Pneumatology (The Holy Spirit & His Gifts)
Foundations of Hermeneutics
How to Be Led by the Spirit of God
The Believer's Authority
The DNA of Relationships





Within the Ramp School of Ministry, there are four new schools to equip our students for their specific calling. Our schools and majors are listed below:

Ramp School of Ministry
  •Pastoral Leadership
  •Missions and Evangelism

Ramp School of Performing Arts
  •Dance & Theater

Ramp School of Music
  •Worship Leadership