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April 23, 2014









When you commit to Awaken One, you initiate the very movement God wants to release throughout the whole earth. Skeptical? Then let us explain.

The impact of one life is far reaching and never ending. One awakened, burning young person transforms a dead youth group. One youth group transforms a church. One church transforms a city. One city changes a nation. We believe the answer for a nation is a burning church, and the answer for a church that’s not burning is a person who is. A single life causes the ignition.

Considering the impact one life has, you realize the effects of your giving are far reaching and never ending. You are awakening lives, one-by-one, and in turn, awakening a generation. Your giving brings the message of the gospel to thousands of people around the world every month.

So, commit to Awaken One and initiate the movement to save a generation.

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